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The Nylon Project

The NYLON Project is a project aiding the homeless in NYC via a #ItCanBeYou campaign, utilizing fashion/beauty brands worn by celebrities/influencers at NYFW Feb. 2017!
We have decided to participate and help their initiative by donating $10 every time you purchase a SOF case with the code NYLONPROJECT.
You receive $20 credit and we donate $10 on your behalf.
The NYLON Project + New York Fashion Week Presents: Aiding the NYC Homeless

The NYLON Project was created as an initiative to aid the homeless in New York City via a #ItCanBeYou viral campaign, utilizing fashion/beauty brands worn by VIPs/celebrities/influencers.

"Homelessness in NYC have hit record highs with a 115 percent increase over the past two decades and it's time for all of us to unite and try to make a change. This project may not be the solution, however, it's one step closer towards turning the world into a better place", says Jordana Guimaraes - founder of "The NYLON Project". 

This initiative will be executed in different steps. One of the steps will be a photo-shoot of 25 influencers/VIPs styled by sponsored brands holding up cardboard signs with "real" stories", of those who wound up living on the streets in comparison to a time in their lives where with a bad decision they could've wound up in the same situation. These photos will be assembled into a booklet, which will then be distributed to press worldwide to create awareness via the "It Can Be You" collaborative campaign.

"It can be you... It can be me.... It can be any of us! Let's stop judging and start trying to understand each other, to see how we can turn the problem into the solution".

Celebrities/influencers on board will be speaking via social media channels as to why it's important to speak to the homeless, rather than ignore.

One of the project's goals is to hand out 1,500 meals - which we started doing this past December, 2016 up - up until February 7th, 2017. Each homeless who receives a meal, will be asked to share their story of how they wound up on the streets and this will be shared via social media, so that everyone starts to relate and stops judging. 

The Nylon Project will lastly host a New York Fashion Week show on February 7th, 2017, where the 25 influencers and celebrities who were part of the photo-shoot for booklet, will walk the runway side by side with the homeless who's story they shared, wearing the sponsored brands. These brands will dress the celebrity as well as gift the homeless a piece from their collection, so that they can utilize it once event is over, to go on a job interviews and eventually get off the streets.

The intro to the runway show will be videos of VIPs speaking of their views on why "It Can Be You".

Artists who currently perform on the streets of NYC as well as subway stations, will perform at this incredible event along with world renowned musicians & artists.

50% of the proceeds that come in via sponsorships as well as tickets to the show, will go towards purchasing/distributing the meals throughout the holidays leading up to Fashion Week as well as executing the campaign.

Bloggers :

- Rachel Lynch of @ihateblonde
- Beatriz Adrianna of @livelovewearit
- Nicolle with 2 L's @nicolledoublel
- The Fashion Poet @thefashionpoet
- Lorena Branquino @lorenabranquinho (Brazilian blogger)
- Megan Hoole of Posh Du Jour @meganhoole
- Nica Yusay of Fashionica @xofashionica
- Bruna of Get The Look @brunanakano
- Sanaa of @sanaarants
- NYU Fashion Portal @nyu.fashion
- Scarlett Hao @scarletthalo_
- NYC blogger @theprintuplist
- Downtown Magazine
- Valeria of @chicbyv
- Pandora Amoratis of Daily Mail US @pandoraamoratis

Models (NYLON booklet/Videos):

- Victoria Secret angel/supermodel Daniela Braga @bragadany
- Rain Dove (model) @raindovemodel
- Anita Hamilton (model/actress) @anitahamilton
- Kelsey Elliott (model/singer) @Kelsey_elliot
- Holly Glasser (model) @hollyglasser
- Stevie Boi (designer/model) @sbshades
- Gunther Krabbenhoft @g.krabbenhoft (Cosmopolitan featured him as the most stylish grandpa)
- Madeline Stuart @madelinesmodelling_
VIPs, Celebrities + influencers thus far (walking the runway):

- BRAVO's "Vanderpump Rules" Peter Madrigal @peter_madrigal
- Miss New York 2016 Nicole Kulovany @msnewyorkus2016
- Meredith O'Connor - singer - @meredithoconnor
- Scott Bryce from CBS "The Good Life"
- Cal Clutterbuck, Josh Bailey, Anthony Beauvillier & Matt Martin of "The Islanders" - athletes

Performances (LIVE at event):

FAULKNER @Faulknermusic - CLICK HERE for hit single with over 2 million hits on YouTube
Che'Nelle @chenelleworld - CLICK HERE for hit single
Dance choreographed by Grandison M. Phelps IV @gmadison4 to song "Scars To Your Beautiful" by Alessia Cara - he is the choreographer for Mariah Carey & dances for Riri, Beyoncé, Shakira, Alicia Keys, amongst others!
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