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The Camille Workshop


Leather artisans techniques remain the same throughout history and require extreme precision. Our partner crafter founded their company in 1969 in a small town called Saint-Junien located in a region rich in leather tradition.
Since then they have been meticulously crafting leather goods for most Parisian luxury brands while applying the most traditional Savoir-Faire to their methods.
Our workshop is run by a Compagnon du Devoir, a French prestigious title given to the utmost artisans and created in Middle Ages.
The Compagnons are taught technical crafting methods through a ‘Tour de France' of all leather masters.


Our traditional leathers are handpicked in the best French, Italian or Spanish tanneries and all of them are full-grain leathers.
Full-grain leathers are the most prestigious leathers available on the market. They are slightly covered by a layer of protection that helps protect the material without damaging the natural characteristics of the skins and while also increasing durability.
All our leathers are Reach certified which is the highest level of protection we can offer to our clients.
Reach stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of chemicals and is a strong chemical regulation of the European Unions that goes far beyond the US law and that aims to improve people’s health as well as the environment by imposing strict rules to any industry using chemicals or producing them.


From the best edge paintings to the latest equipment, our crafter make a point of honor to stay on top and take advantage of the latest innovations and combine them with the most authentic leather crafting techniques.