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Ethical Craftsmanship

Our products are engineered in partnership with upscale French crafters.

Research & Development - Bourgogne, France
SOFRANCISCO was created to offer high-end, modern and chic accessories made of the finest European leathers combined with French conscious craftsmanship and sleek design.
Founded by Charlotte, a designer who’s lived and worked in Paris, London and now San Francisco, and studied leather material engineering, SOFRANCISCO is dedicated to offer refined minimalist accessories for modern men and women.


Assembled with hand-picked Italian leather, and designed in California by a European leather expert, the SOF Case is engineered in partnership with an upscale crafter of the luxury industry.

The partner manufacturer represents French craftsmanship with 32 years of experience in fine leather-good accessories as they produce for most renowned luxury European brands.

Prototypes and pre-production are handcrafted in Bourgogne, France in an area with a history of traditional craftsmanship when the company has an exceptional leather good expertise.
Larger productions are manufactured in a Chinese facility owned by the French partner where they have imported all their finest knowledge and Savoir-Faire.


The Full-Grain leather is sourced from a famous Italian tannery - also known as leather manufacturer.

The tanner possess over 50 years of experience and have their main leather factory located near Venice.

Their core business is technical leather. However, they were able to combine their technical knowledge and their passion for leather to recreate a Full-Grain leather with increased durability, resistance to friction and to sweat.


The Camille Collection has been created to offer ethical luxury bags crafted with exceptional French leather Savoir-Faire.

Each Camille bag is made-to-order with the finest European leather and handcrafted in the historical Limousin in France, a region rich in leather tradition.

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SOFRANCISCO stands for ethic over price and is proud to work only with upscale crafters who have a progressive environmental approach and humanist values.

We choose to keep our margins low and offer only the best handmade product with the utmost craftsmanship and the best work ethic possible.

All our products are Reach certified.

We go far beyond the US chemical regulation and we impose our products to meet the Reach legislation.

Reach stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals and is a strong chemical regulation of the European Unions that aims to increase people's health as well as the environment by imposing strict rules to any industry using or producing chemicals. 



For protection reasons our SOF Cases are handmade with Italian leather gained on ABS. ABS provides a high level of shock absorption and is used in the automotive industry. We not just only want your SOF Case to look and feel good but we want your phone to be safe.