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From the Parisian luxury industry to the Silicon Valley, a leather engineer redesigns your accessory needs

Charlotte is the founder of SOFRANCISCO. She's a French entrepreneur who has lived in Paris, London, San Francisco and now in Silicon Valley.
Leather is a subtle and surprising material that Charlotte is passionate about. She started to discover its secrets and its manufacturing process when studying Leather Material Engineering in Graduate School in Lyon, France.

Her purchasing experience in the luxury industry has then increased her knowledge and her love for this fascinating material.
When she found herself in need for a leather case as she didn't want her new iPhone to break she could only come across cases that didn't showcase the design of her iPhone and didn't match with her style.
Charlotte created SOFRANCISCO to offer high-end, modern and chic accessories made of fine leathers combined with craftsmanship and sleek design.
Her first collection of SOF Cases are a luxury Italian leather cases dedicated to dress up your iPhone and match with your outfit. In the meantime, it offers great protection thanks to the hard part made of shock absorbing ABS.
The SOF Case incorporates modernity, French conscious craftsmanship, Italian Leather as well as many details from the luxury leather good industry.
Charlotte has been partnering with the best sustainable luxury crafter on the market for this collection. They are able to master a rare and authentic technique called gaining required to assemble a SOF Case.
Today, Charlotte is thrilled to share her passion and to have adapted it to your modern needs and to your tastes.

One year after the SOF Case launch, Charlotte launches her first collection of made-to-order leather bags crafted by extraordinary french artisans.  Discover Camille >