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Men's Collection

Each of our CAMILLE leather piece is made-to-order and handcrafted in the historical Limousin in France, a region rich in leather tradition.
made-to-order pieces crafted in France
Our CAMILLE leather accessories are specially crafted for you by our partner, a bespoke workshop of exceptional know-how.
luxury accessories
Camille is exclusively sold online and made-to-order to apply the smallest markups.

Best Craftsmanship
Men Collection
Luxury Men Accessories
Our Camille Collection conveys importance of details, history as well as authentic French Savoir-Faire.
Best Luxury Accessories
The Camille Collection has been created to offer Timeless leather pieces crafted in France without breaking your budget.
Affordable luxury leather accessories
Each leather accessory is available exclusively online and made-to-order to offer more affordable pieces comparing to traditional luxury labels.