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Make your Leather shine!

Make your leather shine


I was asked several times how to take care or clean a SOF Case .

In this blog post I am sharing the best, fastest and most recommended way to take care of your SOF Case.

First, I would advise to clean your SOF Case and your leathers on a regular basis if you want to increase their longevity. An uncleaned leather might dry out.

Before you start cleaning your SOF Case, please do remove your iPhone from the case.

You should not use random chemical products to clean your leathers and you need to pick a PH neutral cleaner. If the chemical used is too acid, you might stain your leathers for ever.

The safest way to clean your SOF Case is to use a very lightly damp soft cloth. Make sure you don’t use too much water, a little bit of water from the tap should be enough.
If you have a specific stain that you want to get rid of and you wanted to try gentle chemicals always start on a hidden part of your SOF Case.

By doing so you will make myself and your SOF Case happy :)

Have a great rest of the week!


Charlotte, Founder @ SOFRANCISCO

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